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This experience begins with a thorough consultation to help you achieve the best hair color results. Balayage is a premium coloring technique, invented in France over 40 years ago. It uses a free-hand sweeping method, allowing you to achieve that gentle sun-kissed effect. Beautiful blended effects in every color imaginable are the hallmark of this technique. Once processing is complete you will receive a luxurious shampoo with upscale products. Every Balayage application is followed by a Signature Adagio Blowout. A consultation is highly recommended for the best experience.


Consultation Required For Pricing

A blend between the two techniques, Foil Highlights abd Balayage. During a foilyage service product is painted onto hair as in balayage, and the treated sections are then covered with foil for processing. This can result in the more natural, painted look of balayage paired with the more intense coloring of foils.

Corrective Color

Consultation Required For Pricing

If your haircolor isn't what you expected or hoped for, have a professional determine if you need color correction hair service through a consultation. Explain to your colorist what you were originally looking for, or show photos of the way your haircolor has changed over time, and leave the decision up to them. Your colorist will let you know what kind of color-correction hair service you needs, in addition to providing you with some at-home treatments you can use to prevent the same haircolor mishaps in the future. This experience begins with a thorough consultation to help you achieve the best hair color results. This service is for removing, correcting, or blending in unwanted color results.

*This service is usually a combination of separate color applications and processes and may vary in time and price based on each individual client’s need.

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