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Monday, November 7, 2016

As a salon owner and professional stylist, the one question my clients most often ask me is “What’s new?”  Most of the time, this is a friendly greeting.  But after many years and countless stories later, I have come to realize a very important fact: although there is a special bond between stylist and client, no one ever left their stylist because that stylist kept a lid on their person goings on. TRUTH!

Most of us stylists never really know firsthand why a client has decided to move on, but we usually pick up a few clues when seeing a new client for the first time. The following are a few reasons we typically hear (in no particular order): “my hair was cut too short”, “I’ve been rescheduled too many times”, or most tragically, “the color was awful!” But the one reason I hear most often is “my old stylist never suggested anything new!”

This is true because we stylists are deeply passionate about the emerging designs and styles in the beauty and fashion world! Much more than airing our personal travails, we love the work we do in the salon, and we want to keep you looking your (modern) best!

In case you are ready to discover your new look, here are a few ideas to ask your stylist about:

At Adagio For Hair we are launching an incredible new menu item:


What is that you might ask? It’s the idea of BLOWING into the hair specific luxurious enhancements. These enhancements create INCREDIBLE RESULTS to your finished look. Choose from Blow In Fabulous Volume, Blow-In Gorgeous Thickness , Blow In Sparkling  Tone, Blow In Sensuous Curls, Blow In Silky Smooth, Blow In Luminous Shine, Blow In Intense Moisture, and MORE! How do we do it? That is for us to know, and your great pleasure to discover in the mirror. This is a concept so BRAND NEW, our stylists are on fire for these new menu items!

Ribbon pop haircolor

This look focuses on a high shine root area with a spectrum of colors throughout.

Vintage Ponytails

Significantly round shapes along the back of the hair, leaving a tiered effect to give off a polished, yet distressed dual texture in the front.

Blunt LOB (Long, layered Bob Haircut) + Blonde Balyage-sandy, beachy blonde highlights in a low maintenance pattern and easy grow out haircut. We love this look A LOT!

So, get to your salon and ask your stylist “What’s new?” We will likely keep our personal particulars to a minimum, but we will radiate the world of fashion and beauty trends that await you. Now more than ever, literally ‘anything goes’ in hair color and design, and certainly, there is something new for everyone to try!


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