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What are Tape In (Skin) Hair Extensions

Thursday, November 20, 2014

So just what are Tape In (Skin) Hair Extensions from Adagio in El Dorado Hills?


Many of our clients at Adagio Hair Extension Stylist El Dorado Hills love the look of hair extensions, and want long-lasting extensions that will look great for up to a few months. For these clients, we recommend tape-in hair extensions or skin hair extensions from Adagio Hair Extension Stylist El Dorado Hills. We offer tape in hair extensions up to 22 inches, which will significantly increase the length and beauty of your hair. Tape in and skin hair extensions are some of the easiest hair extensions to apply. They have a medical-grade adhesive strip at the top of the extension which our stylists will stick on the roots of your hair, right up at the scalp. This adhesive will hold the extensions to your hair for several months, though depending on how fast your hair grows you may need to come back in to have your tape in extensions replaced. In addition, it is important to make sure that your hair is very healthy before you have your tape in or skin hair extensions placed, because the adhesive can be hard on the hair and cause damage. Click Here for more details: Hair Extensions

Our stylists at Adagio Hair Extension Stylist El Dorado Hills use only the highest quality products, so your hair is likely to be less damaged than it would be if you used a grocery store product. Nevertheless, make sure that you follow your stylist’s recommendations about the care of your hair and your extensions, including the shampooing and conditioning products that are recommended for you, to get the best results.

Trust the experts at Adagio for Hair for all your Hair Extensions in El Dorado Hills.

Tape In (Skin) Hair Extensions from Adagio

Tape In Hair Extensions El Dorado Hills


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