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Top Rated Hair Extension Salon in El Dorado Hills

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hair Extension Salon in El Dorado Hills


Hair extensions are a common item that clients ask for at Adagio for Hair – Hair Extension Salon in El Dorado Hills. OK Ladies, let’s get a few things straight other than hair, there are quite a few different kinds of hair extensions to choose from, including semi-permanent extensions achieved with adhesive or braiding, or day wear-only extensions that you can clip into your hair. Let your stylist know about your hair extension preferences and requirements, so that they can point you to the best hair extension style for your needs.

Trust Adagio for Hair if you want beautiful and amazing hair extensions!

If you want a hair extension that you can wash and wear for a long time, you may want to consider hair extensions that are braided into your hair, most commonly in cornrows. This style of hair extension is known as tracking, and you can wash and style it just like your regular hair. Other people choose hair extension bonding, which is when the extensions are actually glued to the original hair using a similar substance to hot glue. Bonded hair extensions can only be used for a relatively short amount of time because of the damaging effect it can have on your natural hair. If you want minimal possible damage to your natural hair and the greatest possible ease of taking out your extensions to keep them pristine, you will probably want to choose clip-on extensions. These extensions are clipped to small segments in your natural hair, so that your hair has the appearance of length without any permanent or semi-permanent installation. Call for an appointment or just come in, and we will show you what we have to offer!

Adagio for Hair - Hair Salon in El Dorado Hills located in Town Center specializing in Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions El Dorado Hills

 Hair Extensions El Dorado Hills


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