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Texas Hair

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Many have heard of the saying “Texas Hair” as a way to describe the look of “BIG” hair. The look is usually backcombed or “teased” as some would say. It is tall and full enough that someone once coined the phrase “the bigger the hair, the closer to God”. I recently got a chance to see for myself if “Texas Hair” is still a modern look, on my recent visit to the Great State of Texas.

In preparation for my trip I was advised just how HUMID AND HOT Texas would be in the summer. I pondered how then does the “Texas Hair” look survive in such weather? Is “Texas Hair” still alive and well? Does ANYONE wear the look anymore?

First I prepared my fine, straight, scared of humidity hair to meet Texas summer weather head on, bootstraps pulled up! I packed of all things R & Co Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, and Dallas Thickening Blow In Spray for the trip. I also packed Vicious Strong Hold Hairspray by R & Co, and a “Moon Comb” to TEASE my big Texas hair. The haircare products come in travel sizes so a perfect choice. I truly wondered if these products would deliver.

My search took me from Austin to Waco Texas. Everywhere I went I looked for others wearing “Texas Hair”.  As Austin is an up and coming city I noticed with all the diversity, really NO ONE I observed was wearing the look. The city of Austin has many newcomers these days and a large part of the population is from somewhere other than Texas. Big hair and accents absent, my Niece and I ventured out to the new Meca all fashionistas and home decorating lovers must visit: Magnolia Home Goods store, bakery and Silo’s in Waco. Texas. This is the location of the show “Fixer Upper”. BOY HOWDY Y’ALL did I hit the motherload! IT’S ALIVE! TEXAS HAIR EVERYWHERE! Accents and sweet tea were flowing!  It was like a Disneyland for women! I noticed these women wearing Texas Hair were pro’s. The look is certainly BIG, and voluminous but with a modern twist. They mostly were wearing their hair long, with soft romantic curls loose and bouncy. Think Carrie Underwood. Soft and feminine, versatile and easy. This look I have found over the years really never goes out of style. Most of the problem solving I do as a professional stylist is teaching fine hair clients how to gain volume in their style and have it hold! Myself as a test subject I am happy to report the thickening regime I used from R & Co. delivered the results. My hair survived the 97* temperature/104* heat index with 87% humidity day in Waco, Texas flawlessly. Not only did my style hold for the day under this conditions, it held for the next 3 days! Yee Haw! Here's how to get Texas Hair for yourself. Begin with a firm foundation. Cleanse and treat your hair with the right selection of products that supports the style you desire to wear from the beginning. Using your regular all purpose shampoo and treatment when trying to create a specific style is like trying to rope a greased Hog! Use Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner as foundation. Then towel dry hair, and SECTION hair into manageable sections.  BLOW IN volume by using Dallas Thickening spray applied from the scalp to the ends, comb through. Using an ERGO brand large round brush, apply tension and heat to the base of your section. The ends mostly dry as you go, so concentrate on the base of the section, then finish the ends. PIN UP each dried section with small clips and let cool completely for several minutes. Release hair from clips and GENTLY comb through your hair with your fingers. To complete the Texas look, use a Moon Comb ( originally designed for Geisha wigs) to backcomb the crown for added volume. Finally apply Vicious Hairspray to needed areas only. For Pete’s sake resist the urge to over apply! PUT THE CAN DOWN, two step out the door, and pour yourself some sweet tea. This looks will last for days, even in the heat!

Enjoy these fine products and tools at fine salons wherever Oribe, Smith and Cult and R & Co brands are sold. Like panning for gold, they are not found everywhere.

Y’all take care of your hair now!


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