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Hot Summer Hairstyles Now Trending

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One of the things I love most about owning a salon is seeing new trends emerge on the horizon. Witnessing our team of talented stylists head out of town for a hair show and watching their creative minds start to turn. It's pure FUN!

If you were to attend these events you would see the Professional  Beauty  Industry unleashed. The folks that put these events on for us can sometimes spend months in preparation. The result is nothing short of a full on Las Vegas show with plenty of bling and lots and lots of professional stylists wearing black. We pile in by the thousands, drink refreshing beverages(wink, wink) and learn the latest trends.

Recently, I got out of the salon and joined a few of our team for the Oribe Altiers show in of all places Vegas. So, without further adieu here are a few of the trends we think are some pretty cool looks for a hot summer season.

First in hair design:

Curly hair looks showed up on the runway. Yay! Gone are the cookie cutter models all wearing sleek ponytails. These curly looks showcased individualism by teaching us how to customize the cut to release the natural texture of the hair. Think looks as relaxed as beachy waves to springy curls, set free to be their own individual shape. Easy peesy.


Molded and sculpted shapes such as classic rolls are  replacing messy buns and top knots. These looks embrace classic hairdressing at its finest


BANG'S! - before you begin to shake your head no, consider this seasons bangs are cut into multi textured shapes that blend SOFTLY into the overall design. A much fresher approach from blunt cut  bangs of the past.


This seasons hottest hair color trends:

"Raven" cool brunettes. Matte and deep with NO RED. Period.

"Electric Auburn" Deep Copper mixes together with a double red. Stunning.

"Multifaceted Blondes" Cool blonde tones blended with smokey golds to create a multi dimensional effect. One hot number!

If these hot off the runway looks ignite a burning desire to try a new trend, here is a checklist of how to spot an artist who knows how to translate runway trends to everyday wear.

First and foremost look for a passionate stylist. This stylist cannot quench their thirst for education. They will let you know they love what they do by telling you the next class they cannot wait to attend.

Secondly, these professional stylists look the part. They are fashion forward, changing their style often in hair, make up and attire. They are usually pretty easy to spot in salons.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, they are your very own fashion coach. These savvy stylists take a few extra minutes during your service, sharing their latest portfolio post . They share their latest inspiration and translate that look into a recommendation for you! Sometimes asking if it's ok to try a design showcasing true hair DRESSING instead of the usual blow out. They know that professional products are not optional but mandatory tools for you to recreate looks at home. They purposely pick up certain products for specific effects to create their vision. Imagine a fine artist without a brush, it simply doesn't work. They also have the courage to ask for your support in using their recommended professional products at home, partnering with you to ensure this masterpiece is duplicated as closely as possible on shiny healthy hair .They know if you do what they do, use what they use, and mimic their styling practice neither of you will ever worry about running into each other in between appointments. Know what I mean?

If you are lucky enough to be coiffed by these style ninja's , trust them, and set their passion free. They know your hair better than anybody!







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