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Hair Highlights El Dorado Hills

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hair Highlights El Dorado Hills


Hair highlights are a very popular treatment at Adagio Hair Salon in El Dorado Hills, and they are a great way to update your look without taking the plunge for a whole color change. Hair highlights just give a bit of depth and brilliance to your hair, and are especially useful if you have sort of mousy-colored hair that is all the same shade. If your hair is lacking in natural hair highlights, artificial highlights can give you the easy, beachy look that is so popular right now.

The health and beauty of your hair highlights are in good hands at Adagio

As with any color treatment, especially any color treatment that lightens the hair, highlights can damage the hair strands and make your hair dry. Of course, this is less of an issue with hair highlights than with hair dying, because there is so much less of the hair that is bleached with highlights. However, you should always remember to do an extra conditioning treatment to make up for the damage caused by highlights. Fortunately, our hair care experts at Adagio Hair Salon can also take care of this for you, with conditioning treatments, protein treatments, and Brazilian blowouts which will all repair any damage to your hair and leave it looking healthy and beautiful. In addition, the better quality the dye, the less damage your hair will sustain, and our stylists at Adagio Hair Salon only use the very best quality dye.

The health and beauty of your hair is in good hands at Adagio, trust our friendly stylists today and look beautiful forever!

Hair Highlighst El Dorado Hills

Hair Highlighst El Dorado Hills


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