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Its That time of year again for a Brazilian Blowout

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Its That time of year again where we all need a Brazilian Blowout El Dorado Hills


Allright Ladies, lets talk beauty! We are going to give you some of the details behind exactly what a Brazilian Blowout is!

If you want your hair to have volume, be smooth, and generally look fantastic, blow drying is the way to achieve this. In the long run, though, the heat from blow drying can damage your hair if you do it too much. With a Brazilian blowout from Adagio Hair Stylist El Dorado Hills, you can have the great effects of blow drying along with a conditioning and protein treatment at the same time. Because of the protein treatment, your hair not only looks beautiful and blow dried, but actually becomes healthier and stronger. In fact, a Brazilian blowout from the stylists at Adagio Hair Stylist El Dorado Hills can repair your split ends. This prevents you from having to cut your ends, letting you keep your length and have healthy and vibrant hair at the same time.

As you can see, a Brazilian blowout (Salon Blowout) is much more than a simple blow-dry styling. A Brazilian blowout is actually an intensive nutrient treatment that treats and prevents frizz for up to four weeks, and it thus seals and smooths your hair. You can shampoo your hair afterwards, and the beautiful smoothness from your blowout will still be there. Ordinarily, heat is extremely harmful to hair, but with the nutrient-rich treatment products in a Brazilian blowout heat from Adagio Hair Stylist El Dorado Hills, the heat is used to seal the nutrients into the hair and actually makes it stronger. Heat in a Brazilian blowout actually repairs your hair shafts, and the result is a long-lasting, beautiful effect. After approximately 90 minutes, you will have healthy, sleek hair with which to leave Hair Stylist El Dorado Hills. Your hair will be manageable, frizz-free, and shiny for a month or even longer, even if you shampoo every day.

At Adagio for Hair - Hair Stylists in El Dorado Hills Town Center, your hair’s health is extremely important to us. Ask us about our Brazilian blowout service and let us tell you how you can get healthy and frizz-free hair instantly, today!

Brazilian blowout is much more than a simple blow-dry styling

Brazilian blowout El Dorado Hills


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