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2016 Holiday Beauty Tips and Trends (Part Two)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

As I write this article visions of sugar plum velvet party dresses are dancing in my head! I LOVE this time of year! The Fashion! The Make-Up! The HAIRSTYLES! OH MY!

With the rush of the holiday season fully upon us, I wish to share with you a few styling secrets that guarantee party-ready looks quicker than St. Nick gets around the world in one night!

Just like all the articles we read that suggest PRE-Preparation is key to hosting any holiday party, so it goes with pre-planning your holiday looks. Here are a few tricks of the trade from the masters of quick-change-look switch up’s - Hairstylists. We are SO BUSY this time of year creating YOUR beautiful look, we have mastered getting our look done in no time! Here is the secret along with a few Do’s and Don’ts:


DON’T plan on the endless cycle of shampoo, blow dry, style for every occasion!

DO begin your look with an exceptional blowout that will last for several days. Nearly every salon in town offers this service. For those that have not yet mastered the art of a home blow dry style, this is time well-spent. In just about an hour your professional stylist will create a strong style that will last and allow you to change the basic blow out design into several other looks. Enjoy wearing this style down to any of your more “Dressy” occasions. For extra bling, add in a glittery brooch, or hair pin. Sweep the style off to one side, letting the hair cascade over the shoulder for longer hair, or behind the ear for shorter hair. Instant glamour!

DON’T overload the style with hair product or hairspray. Keeping the products to a minimum when your blow out is new will assure your next style will look fresh.

DO build on your style foundation. Create a second look quickly by opting for an easy Chignon (low bun) for long hair or a tousled, messy look for shorter locks.

DON’T wet your hair by any means!

DO use a dry TEXTURE spray (NOT A DRY SHAMPOO) to control slept-in hair. Usually the hair is not yet soiled enough to cleanse it. Sometimes a dry shampoo can create less volume and we don’t want that! Try Oribe’s bestselling texture spray “Dry Texturizing Spray.” This invisible dry hair spray builds-in incredible volume and sexy texture. For those that just must use something to control an oily scalp use a salt spray. I LOVE the R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray. This product will absorb oil and create volume to last for another look without deconstructing your style. It feels a bit gritty like a day at the beach, but it will do the trick. Simply apply either product AT THE SCALP mostly and a very LIGHT application throughout the mid-shaft and ends. Create a Chignon on long hair by pulling all hair loosely into a low ponytail. Double-back the hair once again into the hair tie and gently fan it out. Let tendrils of hair fall gently around your face for an elegant look. For short hair use a little more product throughout the hair and use the palms of your hands to “mess up the hair”. Apply a very light hairspray to hold the look. Try Kerastase Laque Couture, a flexible long lasting fine mist that will allow quick touch ups. Buy one for your purse for the seas.

For one last style prior to cleansing your hair again, create a sleek and classic look by wearing a dressed-up ponytail for long hair, or an “off-the-face” look for short hair.

DON’T be afraid to use products that make your hair look a little wet! These products look AMAZING when used properly.

DO begin with a dry shampoo (IF NEEDED). Apply throughout the scalp on all lengths and brush through. R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo is an excellent solution. The fragrance is addicting and is described as “ROSY EYED!” It has spirited unpredictable scents consisting of Bergamot, Wild Fig, Cyclamen, Lotus Flower, Cedarwood, and Tonka Beans. Holy Jingle Bells Santa, this is a must have! It comes in travel size too! Next, apply a shine-enhancing product to create a sleek style. Apply a dollop of Oribe’s new “STAR GLOW STYLING WAX” to add glossy smoothness and sleek shine. Using a comb, comb hair back away from the face and secure it behind the ear for a shorter look. If you have never worn your hair like this before, please give it a try. I promise you it can bring a high-fashion look in seconds!

For longer hair, after applying Star Glow Styling Wax, drop out the top section of your hair, and secure it with a clip. Comb both sides of hair back into a high and tight ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie. Next, back-comb the remaining top section a bit for a little fullness and a LOT for an edgy pompadour pony. Smooth-down and wrap this section around the ponytail base and secure it with a pin. DONE and party ready! Try these tips this holiday season and you will be ready in minutes for any festivities that come your way.

On behalf of all professional hairstylists let me say thank you for supporting us with your patronage. Styling hair is truly a craft that allows us to give the gift of beauty each day. The craft is not without long days, muscle aches, endless cups of caffeine and lots of love and support for our beloved clients. And we would have it no other way. WE LOVE what we do and feel it is a gift to be able to touch people (literally) and share in their life’s journeys in such a positive way. May you and yours have a very merry Christmas and holiday season, and look stunning while you do so!

PS- if you happen to be nearby your salon while out in the hustle and bustle will you bring us a Starbucks? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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